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3 Ways to Quickly Gain Confidence as a New Clinical Hypnotherapist

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Table of Contents

- Practice Recording Your Voice into an Audio System

- Practice Hypnosis Sessions with Friends or Peers

- Watch Other Hypnotherapists’ Videos and Model Them

- Bottom Line

#1) Practice Recording Your Voice into an Audio System

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Get a sense of your speed and cadence in your vocal tonality by recording your voice. Practice is very important because the way you speak during your hypnotherapy session will determine the effectiveness of how the hypnosis is going to work for most of your clients.

We have a rule of thumb for hypnotherapy while reading scripts. It’s very important that you go slow and stay consistent in your voice but still not monotone. And there are points of time when it is best to use inflection in your voice.

For example, you don’t want to say in a monotone voice, “Isn’t it so exciting to feel happy and joyful and free?” It simply won’t convey the message you want their subconscious mind to retain.

You want to use your voice as a way to stir excitement in your client in very positive and uplifting ways, and you will be able to tell if that is happening by listening to your own hypnosis recordings. You can use the hypnosis recordings for issues you have coming up for yourself and see how they could become more effective by changing your tone, vocal speed or voice quality.

Not only that, you can take these recordings and turn them into bonus add-on content for people who are coming to you. You can have a set of sessions already built out for them to use at home when they’re not in person with you. You can also package these recordings for a nominal fee on your website to use as a list-building tool or as a low barrier to entry to get new clients. People will be able to get a taste of what it’s like to get hypnosis and start breaking down those old hypnosis myths by showing them what they will get.

#2) Practice Hypnosis Sessions with Friends or Peers

One of our recent graduates offered a hypnosis session in exchange for a Google Review for her business. We loved this idea. She was able to get some amazing practice, positioning herself as an expert and was even able to sell packages as a result. This is an excellent way to build confidence in hypnosis and practicing selling.

You may also position the first session for free as a way to introduce you to the networking community. If you manage expectations properly, it can be beneficial for everyone involved. Working with a variety of clients who have various issues can help you hone in on what you want your specialty to be and the type of client you love working with. As a result, more of those types of people will begin coming to you, and word of mouth will begin to spread.

When it comes to treating family, position the work as practice only. Lower any expectations that they change or shift anything and instead ask them for feedback about your vocal tonality and speed. They may benefit from the work but don’t make that your goal. You play a standard role in their map of the world, which is very difficult to change. When you are building confidence, it’s not wise to trigger any old belief systems they have about you.

#3) Watch Other Hypnotherapists’ Videos and Model Them

We have many training videos that break down what we are doing during hypnosis sessions in our hypnotherapy certification program. We love several other hypnotists, like Mike Mandel and Alicia Fairclough, who you can look up on YouTube. Watching others do rapid inductions and full hypnosis sessions can help you get clearer about the different styles. There are many ways of doing hypnosis. Several things will be consistent across the board. The conscious mind needs a focal point for you to access the subconscious mind. How you do that may be as unique to you as your fingerprint. We look at the result and not the method in this regard. Because what you bring is valuable and unique, and the best people for you to help will seek you out.

The Bottom Line

The process of practice will help you build confidence and learn how to move around the map of other people’s experiences. Also, you will learn who you feel is the most exciting and interesting to work with. The clearer you get, the easier marketing, attracting the right clients and building your business will become.

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