5 Questions to Position Your Holistic Business for Success



Is your holistic business drawing in traffic and clientele the way you want it to? You may have great skill and talent, but something still isn’t clicking. Let’s ask ourselves a few questions as a quick self-check for positioning your holistic business.

Question #1: Is my service appealing and understandable to the public?

Every holistic certification ever created may appeal to some type of person or demographic of people, but many holistic modalities are so new and non-mainstream that the public doesn’t have awareness about them. For example, the public understands palm reading because reading palms has been featured in many books, TV shows and movies for many years. Toe reading, on the other hand, has not. It may arouse curiosity, but the public at large doesn’t even know that toe reading exists. Niches know, but the public does not.

If your holistic service does not have mass appeal or public awareness, then you might consider headlining your business with a more visible service that the public understands (like a hypnotherapy certification), which could be used as a gateway for your more obscure holistic services.

Question #2: Is my service something that people need or want?

This is where we get into the difference between novelty and necessity. A lot of spa and holistic services fall under the category of novelty or elective service, but not necessity. Some clients may receive so much benefit out of your novel holistic service that they may consider it a necessity, but holistic-based and self-care-based services won’t fall under the same level of necessity that a plumber would provide to a leaky sink, for example.

Question #3: Is my service something that I am proficient at?

Competence and confidence are important when it comes to positioning your holistic service. A great way to build competency is to practice on a lot of clients for free before accepting payment. Once you are competent and confident, you will energetically begin to attract people who want your service, and even more importantly, you will be proactive about putting your holistic service in front of people.

Question #4: Am I putting myself and my business in front of the right people?

Self-promotion and exposure are requirements for holistic business owners to be successful. Once you are self-promoting, you need to think about whether or not your holistic service is being exposed to the types of audiences and potential customers who would want it. Strategic partnerships with holistic offices, wellness centers and spa-like services can help you to get in front of the people who might be interested in your service, whereas spending the day spinning a sign at a major intersection may be a less lucrative way to promote a niched holistic service.

Question #5: Am I positioning my business properly with my marketing images and copy?

Half the battle is won if you are competent at your craft and promoting yourself. The other half of the battle is learning what types of images and what types of marketing copy might generate interest with your holistic service. This takes time to master, but it’s worth practicing and improving upon this skill in the long term. One of my favorite resources for practicing the art of copywriting for beginners is a book by Ray Edwards called Writing Riches.


While there are many wonderful holistic certifications available, very few of them will teach you how to get clients and learn the basic skills you need to launch a profitable business and how to position your business properly. Thankfully, business marketing and sales training are all included in your hypnotherapy certification when you enroll with us at Schaefer Institute of hypnosis. Apply today!

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