5 Tips to Claim Your Authority as a Holistic Practitioner

Updated: Dec 29, 2021


Todd: Kyra, what tips would you share with people who want to be more successful in building a holistic business? Jump to Article Section:

Get the Credential

Build Self-Worth Around Money

Own What You Do

Put Yourself Out There

Solve a Problem

Kyra: First, let's look at what stops people. Sometimes, the blocks look like one or more of the following:

  • I don’t have a credential.

  • I don’t feel like I’m validated.

  • People don’t know what I do.

  • I can’t explain what I do.

  • How I help people just comes out during the session, and I can’t put words to it.

  • I don’t know how I help people.

Tip #1: Get the Credential

Kyra: So first I say: get the credential. Once one of our students, in particular, got the credential to become a certified clinical hypnotherapist, she immediately had confidence. All of a sudden, she had that spark. She had that gumption: “I can do this now!” So the first thing to address is: Is not having a credential holding you back because you can’t explain what you do for people?

Todd: It can be a huge confidence boost to get a legitimate credential to validate your worth which helps you get started. Before she came to us, one of our hypnotherapy students was well-intentioned and tenacious about building her spiritual coaching business, but had hit some roadblocks selling her spiritual coaching services because she had no credentials. But when she got her hypnotherapy certification, her confidence blasted into orbit, and she started allowing abundance for herself.

Tip #2: Build Self-Worth Around Money

Kyra: The next thing I would explain is self-worth around money. You got to get that stuff covered and figured out. When you think about money, unlimited wealth, and the potential for unlimited income, you need to see if you have lack going on. And if you do, you know it because you feel it. It appears like this: “Oh, I don’t know if I can charge that.” Or, “Oh gosh. I don’t know if anybody will pay that.” (And yes, someone will always pay your price.) You need to be in front of the right people, but you also need to attract the right clients who will look at what you do with value and see you as the authority. If you have this lack consciousness going on, you are keeping yourself separate from your abundance, and you’re going to naturally portray yourself to clients as someone who feels as though they are not good enough.

Tip #3: Own What You Do

Todd: Hypnotherapy is a respected certification, and the public understands it; it’s not woo-woo. But for the newer and lesser-known holistic modalities, like toe reading, for example: even if toe reading could hypothetically be the best modality ever invented, is the general public going to search for toe reading?

Kyra: No. There’s not enough demand for it. Now, if you are the best toe reader in the world and you’re able to show them the benefits, and you’re able to market yourself in that way, and you are an expert toe reader, and you put yourself out there to the public as an authority, that’s totally different because you are claiming your sovereignty and your ability. Unfortunately, I see so many times with Reiki practitioners and energy workers that they don’t claim their sovereignty. They’re always putting the clients’ ability to heal themselves as the channel through themselves into the other person that it’s the other person’s responsibility for their healing. While it is true that the client is healing themselves, you still have to put yourself out as an authority; otherwise, people will just look at you like, “If I can just do this myself, I will.” But they don’t do it themselves because they don’t know how to realign their own energies. They don’t know how to lay down and get quiet, and get still. They need you. But if you don’t put yourself out as the authority, it will fall flat.

Todd: Great points. The client allows their self-healing, but that doesn’t negate the authority of the practitioner’s facilitative role. So yes, owning your certification is paramount to being seen as an authority, and being seen as an authority is how people can identify you and seek you out as a practitioner.

Kyra: Right, because that will increase your word-of-mouth advertising, especially if word-of-mouth is the only way you’re self-promoting. When I lived in Asheville, you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting a healer. But those people who did put themselves out there like me got plenty of clients. I talked to newspapers. I ran ads. We didn’t have a lot of Internet options for networking back then; I think we were still in Myspace land.

Todd: Right. That was pre-Facebook.

Tip #4: Put Yourself Out There

Kyra: And so I was going out, and I was networking. I was doing Business Networking International (BNI). I was going to different places to get the word out. I was going to Unity churches. I was talking in front of groups. Just me standing up even before my clinical hypnotherapy certification, stepping onto the stage, stepping in front of people, or writing the articles, or whatever it was I was doing, made me the authority. Only about three or four of us in Asheville had consistent clients even though there were countless healers in Asheville.

Tip #5: Solve a Problem

Kyra: Once I got my clinical hypnotherapist certification, it just went wild. Because then the public can put themselves within a level of understanding about what I did because the public has at least heard of what hypnosis is even if they don’t understand it perfectly. They’re curious about it. They knew what I could offer them, and I had all of these tools from learning hypnotherapy. I could help them transform their anxiety immediately, and then because of those results, my word-of-mouth advertising from clients grew more rapidly. Also, being able to solve specific problems created demand for my hypnotherapy services.

Kyra: Within four months of moving to Arizona and starting our hypnotherapy clinic, and because I had previously claimed that authority and that sovereignty about what I could do using hypnotherapy (because I’m very good at it), I was able to bypass a lot of the insecurity parts with my hypnotherapy credential.

Todd: Thank you, Kyra!

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