How Are You Different from Other Hypnotherapy Schools?



Students from other hypnotherapy schools may have read similar textbooks, taken similar tests, and received a similar certification as you will at our hypnotherapy school. However, that’s where the similarities end! At Schaefer Institute of Hypnosis, we go to great lengths to ensure that our students are thoroughly prepared to be effective hypnotherapists and trained to operate successful practices. In addition, we believe that no other hypnosis school offers customized business marketing training as robust as ours. All while also staying within your budget.

Why Our Teaching Method is Superior

We offer our students a thorough, in-depth understanding of what it takes to become a well-rounded professional. When you study with us, you won’t just learn how to be a better hypnotist; we’ll also teach you how to market your business and your services, how to network effectively, and how to bring success into your life. Not only does our business marketing program teach you how to market your business, but we also teach you how to sell your hypnotherapy services and how to work with clients. Our business marketing program is included with your clinical hypnotherapy certification.

Our Curriculum Overview

At a glance, our curriculum includes:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification (CHT)

  • Launch Your Business Training

  • 12-Module Course Virtual Training

  • 4 Group Zoom Meetings for Q&A

  • 3-Day Online Live Intensive Training with Todd and Kyra Schaefer

  • Textbooks and Training Supplies

For a comprehensive description of what’s included in our curriculum, visit our Training Overview page.

Why Our Graduates are Exceptional

Our graduates have what it takes to succeed because they’re uniquely trained. We don’t just teach theory; we teach practical techniques that work based on modern research into brain activity and success patterns. And, unlike most hypnotherapy programs out there today, our program is comprehensive—teaching not only how to conduct therapy with patients but also how to run a business ethically and responsibly.

Comprehensive Business Marketing Training

While it’s important to learn hypnosis and client communication, it’s just as important to know how to promote your business. When students graduate with Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist status, we give them additional training on how to become successful entrepreneurs through our proven marketing techniques. Understanding these concepts can help our students build their reputation and brand, ultimately leading to long-term success.

Unfortunately, learning how to apply what you’ve learned in school into a real-world environment (i.e., how to sell yourself) is often glazed over or skipped completely. Not with our school. It’s much easier to help you become successful as a business owner when your instructors have been successful as business owners, as we have. Our business marketing training is thorough and custom-built from our many years of owning and operating a hypnotherapy clinic where we have seen over 4,000 clients one-on-one. We teach you exactly what we did to create a six-figure hypnosis practice where your business can solely provide for you and your family’s financial needs. The only missing ingredient is you!

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