Hypnotherapist Spotlight: Todd Schaefer, CHT

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

"Justify your business expansion based on your needs, not your wants."



Todd has worked 1-on-1 with over 2,000 clients as a hypnotherapist and life coach and was awarded Life Coach of the Year (runner up) by Natural Awakenings Magazine in 2014. Todd and his wife Kyra ran one of the largest hypnotherapy clinics in Arizona, seeing over 4,000 clients together. Todd is also a business coach and has written 2 best-selling books on how holistic practitioners can build their practices to become self-sustaining, profitable businesses via sales, systems, mindset and marketing.


(Todd no longer offers hypnotherapy to clients as a service. He only trains and certifies new hypnotherapist students.)

Our Burning Questions


Tell us about your business. How did the idea to become a hypnotherapist come about?

I had coached people in the past and wanted to expand my skillset. Additional motivation arrived upon my discovery that the hypnotherapists we initially hired didn't have prior knowledge in running a business, and didn't know how to sell, so I stepped in out of necessity.

What are the highlights and low-lights of being an Hypnotherapist?

The highlights are the fulfillment of working with people, making my own schedule and rules, having the freedom to do what I want. The lowlights are clientele who want quick fixes, which ultimately became a blessing to further carve out our niche of who we did want to target.

What is your favorite method for relaxing your client? (ie. Progressive Relaxation, Elman Fractionation etc.)

Progressive Relaxation

What is your special focus in Hypnotherapy? (ie. Phobia, Habit, Stress, Coaching) What do you love about it?

Self-esteem. I utilize many coaching techniques, homework and expertise to help people move the needle on their feelings of worth.

Have you experienced burnout? If so, what methods do you use to spark your passion?

Yes. Downtime. Getting outside and doing something physical: a sport, time with friends, hiking, pursuing hobby interests that are purely based on fun, not accomplishment.

If you started your hypnosis business again, what things would you do differently?

If I started a hypnosis business again, I would have 10 years of business experience that I did not have starting out. It would be incredibly easy considering what I now know about the business systems that need to be set up, pricing structure, servicing clients, etc. In short, I would set all of my systems up and get my online presence up and running ahead of time, get my Google Business profile up, and get some reviews.

What valuable advice would you give new hypnotists starting out?

Justify your business expansion based on your needs, not your wants.

What 3 books do you feel were instrumental in your development as an hypnotherapist?

None specifically, although I have read many self-help books which have helped me become a better coach for clients, such as A Course in Miracles.

List any books you have written or collaborated in with the Amazon Link

The Acceptance Guidebook: Spiritual Solutions for Active Minds - Reflections on A Course in Miracles - 10th Anniversary Edition https://amzn.to/3APYnuZ

Selling Emotionally Transformative Services: Business and Self-Worth Advice Holistic Practitioners Need to Know (S.E.T.S. Series Book 1) https://amzn.to/3EVP3bq

Selling Emotionally Transformative Services Companion Notebook: Thought-Provoking Questions to Integrate and Apply to Your Business (S.E.T.S. Series) https://amzn.to/3AMoaUN

Butts In Seats: How to Get Clients and Launch Successfully as a New Local Business https://amzn.to/3AMq2gx

Add names and links for your Podcast or Facebook Groups etc.

Hypnotherapy School YouTube Channel


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