Novelty versus Necessity: 3 Ways to Ensure Your Holistic Business Generates Repeat Customers



While there is much value and benefit offered in the world of holistic certifications, few can claim the title of being a necessity, except perhaps as deemed by die-hard patrons. Most holistic certifications fall into the category of novelty, being equated with spa services and wellness centers if they don’t generate enough demand to stand alone. But I contend that just about any holistic novelty business can be transformed into a necessity business with a little elbow grease.

If your holistic certification has a therapeutic element to it like hypnotherapy does, you’re going to have a much easier time building a business because therapy takes time, and the mind requires time to recondition itself. The same goes with chiropractors; the body also needs time to recondition itself.

Nevertheless, if your holistic certification is unregulated, hyper-niched, non-therapeutic (by general standards), unknown to the public, or predominantly associated with novelty or fortune-telling, such as with tarot card readings, there are still things you can do to turn a formerly one-off business into a mainstay business.

No matter what your holistic certification is, here are a few ways to generate repeat customers for your holistic business.

Target Root Causes, Not Symptom Relief

With hypnotherapy and change-work, getting past symptom relief and into the root cause is an integral component of creating permanent change. This can be done with any therapeutic business, especially hypnotherapy, life coaching, massage therapy, acupuncture or chiropractic, where there is a major therapeutic element. Even tarot card reading, while not a therapy, can be framed in such a manner that you use the cards to drill down to root causes while asking the client to take responsibility for their change. The new awareness you can help foster in your clients can be used to help them go deeper past surface issues, thereby providing more value.

Offer Treatment Plans

This is a crucial component to holistic therapeutic services where you help clients achieve permanent results so that you can generate positive word-of-mouth, collect positive Google reviews and get more referrals. Don’t just offer one-off sessions when you know that creating permanent positive change for your client is going to take time. Instead, set up treatment plans of session packages for correcting a given issue beyond symptom relief so that you can address root causes.

Construct a treatment plan ahead of time for every issue that you treat earnestly and honestly so that by the time a client nears the end of their treatment plan, statistically, they should achieve significant Improvement. Offer as much value as you can in as short of a time as possible with your treatment plans with as much time as the mind or body needs to integrate change without sacrificing your intended result. And yes, you can make adjustments to your treatment plans as you go.

Focus On Empowerment Instead of Enabling

Although taro card reading might not technically be a holistic service, it tends to get lumped into new age and alternative/holistic categories. Nevertheless, I have experienced people who offer tarot card readings in an extremely empowering way. Offering coaching in addition to the readings can help clients create positive, empowering change.

While offering a treatment plan might not be conducive to a non-therapeutic offering such as tarot card reading, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask the client to practice responsibility and accountability to the changes you’re helping them to create. In fact, you could even frame some empowerment session packages together depending on how you want to use your readings and coaching to help solve a particular problem or specific types of problems that clients tend to come to you for on a regular basis. This is something only you can determine based on the trends in your business and how much time you need to help people, and what kind of accountability you can help your clients take ownership of. But as long as you offer it authentically, earnestly and honestly, you will attract people who are ready to show up and pay you for the value that you offer. If it’s in your mind to create something, there is someone out there who wants it. And there is no limit to the diversity of business solutions that you can offer for people’s many problems.


Any holistic service can be used in an empowering manner to help clients realize that they have the ability to make new choices and take responsibility. As you focus your business in this way, you can make powerful changes with the value you offer to clients in your business.

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