The Top 5 Reasons You Should Add a Hypnotherapy Certification to Your Practitioner Toolbox

Updated: Nov 24, 2021


Your clients are looking to you to provide them with the best client care possible, and they may even pay more money to make sure that’s what they get from you. But who can blame them? Studies have shown that hypnotherapy works, and people want it. Adding a hypnotherapy certification to your toolbox of knowledge and skills can have a major impact on the level of care you provide to your clients – and your business as well! For the hypnotherapist who wants to get top dollar from their sessions, adding a hypnotherapy certification can be a powerful way to increase your credibility and ensure that your clients get the level of care they expect from you. Here are five reasons why it’s time to add a hypnotherapy certification to your practitioner toolbox today!

Table of Contents: Better Client Care

Increased Credibility Better Profitability More Community Visibility Better Strategic Partnerships Conclusion

Reason #1: Better Client Care

With a hypnotherapy certification, you’re going to have better strategies and techniques in your toolbox to use for your clients with the challenges they may be struggling with because you will be able to introduce a new approach to their condition that may go deeper than something like Reiki or massage therapy that will help them to address the issue that they have at its roots in the mind instead of only addressing the net effects a mind issue has on the body. For example, a massage can alleviate stress, but a hypnotherapy session can target what causes the stress response in the first place and transform it.

Reason #2: Increased Credibility

Credibility means having the opportunity to be recognized in a more mainstream way as a resource to help potential clients find you more easily. Unfortunately, most alternative/holistic certifications do not have any backing from legitimized organizations. However, hypnotherapy has been officially recognized as a legitimate form of therapy by the British Medical Association and the American Medical Association in the 1950s. Even though hypnotherapy doesn’t have as many regulations set upon hypnotherapists, we have that official seal of approval from the American Medical Association (AMA). That means a lot to potential clients who have not been able to find the success that they wanted to in the traditional therapeutic fields of psychology to be able to come to a hypnotherapist and get the thing that they need for habit replacement, habit control, fear phobias, anxiety and so on.

Reason #3: Better Profitability

With an AMA-recognized hypnotherapy certification, you will be able to command a higher dollar amount because you are trained in an art form that will help people take their psychology to a different level. It will help them to resolve issues that they may have previously believed were impossible to resolve. So you naturally increase your profitability as a result. Also, you’re paying back for your training. You will continue learning, growing, and developing your skills, so sometimes that takes additional money. You’re going to have to pay for your clinic, etc., so there are reasons why we substantiate the need to have a higher profit threshold because we have things to pay for just like any doctor or lawyer or anyone who has a brick-and-mortar business. And even if you don’t, you still may be working out of your home, which also involves expenses. So we want to make sure that we are balancing out that whole system when it comes to making money as a clinical hypnotherapist.

Reason #4: More Community Visibility

With a hypnotherapy certification, you will become more visible in your community and the world related to mental therapies and mental wellness because you are helping clients in a more known and more mainstream way. So because it’s more mainstream, you become more visible. You can create relationships and help people to develop themselves in a more unique way, but at the same time, people are somewhat familiar with hypnotherapy to a certain degree. Any of the myths around hypnotherapy you can immediately myth-bust with your videos, interviews, website, and during your intake appointments to help them truly understand what hypnotherapy is and what it’s not.

Reason #5: Better Strategic Partnerships

With your ability to be more visible and more mainstream, you can set the appropriate pricing that’s right for what you’re doing because that equal energy exchange is needed in everything. Having that credibility and being able to give your clients better service because you have more tools in your toolbox means that strategic partnerships become natural because you want to be able to refer your clients to other professionals who are in alignment with what you’re doing, such as chiropractors, psychologists, family therapists, divorce mediators, children’s therapists, different things like that to help give your client a more well-rounded approach to their therapy. So it’s not all resting on your shoulders to do it all. But at the same time, having these connections with other people will help your clients to move through their problems or move through their situations more easily, and also, in that reciprocal sense, your strategic partners will naturally want to send their clients to someone who they can trust who is credible, who is more mainstream, and who will help them with the issues their clients are facing.


A certification in clinical hypnotherapy affords you many opportunities that many other alternative and holistic certifications cannot match. If you are an alternative/holistic practitioner and want to increase your credibility, a hypnotherapy certification will legitimize and strengthen your alternative/holistic business.

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