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Say Hello to Our Most Recent Clinical Hypnotherapist Graduates


We are so excited to announce our recent graduates from the Schaefer Institute of Hypnosis!

The following students have been an absolute joy to work with and teach. We wanted to take a moment so you can get to know them a little better. Chantalle, Gail, Maria, Pamela and Susan take up the hypnotist mantle to make a significant difference in the lives of their clients and loved ones.

Chantalle Ullett, CHT: This talented woman came into our lives like a cool breeze. She has so many capabilities beyond hypnotherapy that add to the transformation of her clients. She is always looking to improve herself and others, and it has been a gift to us in more ways than one. She is committed to bringing light to any difficulty with a positive and uplifting attitude prevalent in all she does.

Gail Rush Gould, CHT: GG has a heart of pure gold. She is incredibly kind and promoting of everyone she comes into contact with. She sees the truth in people and gives everyone an opportunity to become renewed in their understanding of life. She will offer her clients deep compassion and gentleness in any challenges they face.

Maria Ingardia-Brody, CHT: What you see is what you get and what you get is very good when it comes to Maria. She isn’t afraid to have the hard conversations and bring you back to the truth of who you are. When you get one, you get both Maria and Sheila Brody, and what a joy this delightful combo is! There is a light that comes from them both, and the intention to help their clients grow is evident.

Pamela Duncan, CHT: Pam is acutely attuned to the well-being of everyone she meets. She has a gentle nature that helps guide her clients to a feeling of peace and safety. She has a genuine approach to her clients’ needs. She meets her clients head-on and helps guide them toward their goals, uniquely bringing them back into alignment with their best life.

Susan Rheaume, CHT: Sue is stepping into her expertise as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and will offer great comfort to her clients. She has a calm and sure nature that helps anyone feel at ease. She can easily change directions as needed to give the client an opportunity to grow at their speed, all while holding on to the tether of understanding that will encourage an easy life transition into more harmony.

Your Hypnotherapy Training Comes with Everything You Need to Succeed

These ladies graduated with flying colors and have received access to our complete business marketing and sales training masterclasses included in their hypnotherapy certification training to ensure that their hypnotherapy practices will have the solid foundations necessary to provide excellent service to clients, endless abundance, and continued, long-term success!

Apply today with our school and receive everything you’ll ever need to help clients and generate income as a clinical hypnotherapist certified by the Schaefer Institute of Hypnosis.

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