Today's Wisdom: The Real Reason

"I'm never upset for the reason I think." ACIM

Whoa, hold on one second... They hurt me, they did this to me. I am the victim here. They deserved to be punished for what they did!


But for how long will that be a part of the story you tell?

No one wants to believe that the pain they are feeling actually comes from somewhere else. Somewhere deep within the mind. An old hurt stays buried, maybe just a small slight as a child, an unkindness or abuse that is trapped only to rear its ugly, painful head when triggered by a current experience.

You are not a victim. You are a warrior of light that is willing to claim sovereignty over your experiences. I know you are, I feel it deep down. Because I am. I have personally been willing to look at every difficult experience I have had and find the linking chain back to the original thought that brought it back to my experience for examination.

All the pain anyone feels is an echo, a hologram of a previous time.

You can unravel these things yourself, absolutely you can. I preferred to partner with someone who could help me navigate the sometimes treacherous waters. I have been that helpmate for thousands of others. We journey together my friends. All of our success are connected, along with our sorrows.

This big statement "I'm never upset for the reason I think" helps us to dig deeper beneath the surface. Go beyond the ordinary and touch the extraordinary. To move sometimes gracefully, sometimes limping along to a level of enlightenment causing us to embrace what is and look beyond the veil to truth. You are a truth seeker and as you unravel the mysteries you hold within to create the tapestry of your life, light threads and dark threads are a part of your experience, and I dare say it's all good.

I am with you, my friends. All the way.

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