What Types of Issues Can I Help My Clients with Using Hypnotherapy? (Free PDF)

Updated: Dec 29, 2021



How do you know what types of issues you can assist clients with using hypnotherapy? Simply put, anything that your brain manages can be addressed with hypnotherapy! This includes physical pain, anxiety, stress reduction, personal development, self-help, fears and phobias, confidence, and many more. In addition, anything you or your clients are experiencing in life can be improved or changed by getting into a resourceful state of mind. Our minds are our most powerful resource; utilizing them allows us to work on everything else with greater success. Read until the end to receive a free comprehensive PDF list of uses for hypnosis!

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Self-Help Personal Development Fears and Phobia Confidence Building Stress and Anxiety Conclusion


Self-help is one of many applications for hypnosis. Many people are familiar with hypnosis as a tool for quitting smoking, but other equally useful applications exist. According to psychologists, hypnosis can help clients quit smoking, reduce stress and anxiety, overcome fears and phobias, develop confidence and self-esteem, improve sleep habits—the list goes on.

Personal Development

What is hypnosis good for? Since you can alter a person’s state of consciousness through hypnosis, it’s no surprise that people use it to help achieve personal development. In fact, its applications go far beyond helping with cravings and quitting smoking. If you want to change your brainwaves and how you react to certain stimuli, hypnosis can be a powerful tool.

Fears and Phobia

Fear is a powerful force in our lives—it’s what keeps us from stepping out onto a tightrope or speaking in front of a crowd. Fears have been linked to every disease known to humans—heart disease, diabetes, cancer—and unfortunately, our fears tend to increase as we age. Helping someone reduce their fear level could literally save their life. Treating fears and phobias is easier than you think. When you use hypnosis to treat fears and phobias, it’s important to understand that exposure therapy (i.e., helping your client confront her fears) is not what most people think it is. For example, most exposure therapies for treating anxiety include lots of anxiety-provoking imagery, but exposure therapy using hypnosis is different.

Confidence Building

Are you interested in working with your clients on confidence-building? Are you looking for ways to help clients build self-esteem and feel more confident in their abilities? Hypnosis can be used to help people stop doubting themselves and gain a better sense of self-worth. If they believe in themselves, others will start believing in them as well. Try utilizing hypnosis to help your clients gain more confidence through personal development or address issues like fear or anxiety that may be holding them back from success.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a major problem for most people, leading to many mental and physical health issues. Therefore, it’s important to get your stress under control early on, or it can compound into larger problems that are more difficult to handle. There are numerous ways you can help your clients manage their stress levels—hypnosis is just one of them. In addition to reducing general stress, hypnosis has been shown effective in reducing high blood pressure, which affects nearly half of American adults. In addition to that topic, here are three more areas where self-hypnosis can improve someone’s quality of life: insomnia relief, weight loss management and eliminating panic attacks.


This article contains a small sampling of what issues you can treat clients for using hypnosis. However, the attached PDF contains a more comprehensive list of the issues you will be able to address when assisting clients after you become a trained Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner at Schaefer Institute of Hypnosis.

List of Uses for Hypnosis
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