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All Heart

Clarity, Love & Bliss Are Yours

Feb. 13th, 2022

11am PST-3pm PST

Due to Covid this is an Online Live Training Only Via Zoom

We Will Explore

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Presented by Kyra Schaefer & Kuan Yin

Kyra has worked with thousands of clients over the years and brings a special real experience to her work. Her primary intention is to help you get clear on what you want to align with.
She is rare in that she has very little judgment over what you do with your growth, how quickly you grow or the manner in which you do so.

She knows how troubling it can be when you meet someone who tells you, it's their way or no way. She says to run for the hills if you come across someone like that. This life journey is supposed to be fun, interesting and inspired. 

20 years ago when Kuan Yin came into her experience she was certain she was going nuts. She heard this gentle voice speak to her and lovingly guided her to opening to channel. At first, very few words came out because the feeling of love Kyra felt was overwhelming. Then gradually, she was able to open her eyes and carry on conversations. Kyra wants others to open to the vast gifts of the universe, her short and long programs are intended to do just that.  

Enjoy Your Love Filled Sunday from the Comfort of Your Home

Schedule (Times in PST )


Sunday, Feb. 13th

11 am MST 

Morning Blessing with Kuan Yin

Q&A with Kuan Yin

Meditation and Tuning In Exercise


Releasing Stuck Energy and Emotions

Reclaiming Your Sovereignty 


Afternoon Blessing with Kuan Yin

Final Q&A


Closing Ceremony


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