Your Training Includes:

This is an outline of the training and courses you will receive as a

Schaefer Institute Clinical Hypnotherapy Student. 

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner (CHT)

Hypnotherapy Level 1 & 2 with Business Training

Basic Level 1: 100 Hours 

Learn to gain your client's trust within 60 seconds of meeting. Help them to drift to a peaceful state while helping them solve their most challenging problems easily and effectively. 

  • Featuring - Hypnosis Basics, Hypnosis Demo, How the Mind Works, Suggestibility tests, Depth Tests and Basic Scripts, Team Learning, Rapid Inductions


Advanced Level 2: 200 Hours

Learn advanced hypnosis and covert hypnosis techniques to assist with your client's most challenging issues. Discover how to design long-term session packages to treat your client's needs. Assess and reform old behavior patterns that have kept your clients locked in turmoil so they may start living a successful life. Gain the credential you need to be taken seriously as a Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner. 

  • Featuring - How to work with clients on Specific issues, Intake Assessments and Outcome Models, Long-Term Care, Covert Hypnosis, Practical Psychology and Persuasion 

Bonus Business Training - Create a thriving practice as a hypnotist using effective marketing and sales approaches not taught anywhere else.

  • Featuring - Sales Pack with Recommended Session Sheets, Pricing Sheets, Intakes Questionaire, Payment Plan Forms, Client Bill of Rights and Client Homework. 

Psychologist Session
At the Psychologist

Your Self Paced

Video Module Training


Basic Clinical Hypnosis Training

Module 1: Hypnotherapy Basics 

Module 2: Understanding the Client Relationship

Module 3: Pre-Talk and Client Interviews

Module 4: Suggestibility Tests

Module 5: Trance Strategies 

Module 6: Traditional Hypnotherapy Sessions

Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Training

Module 7: NLP Hypnotic Techniques

Module 8: Eriksonian Conversational/Covert Hypnosis

Module 9: Script Writing

Module 10: Working with the Inner Child

Module 11: Using Hypnosis for Specific Issues

Module 12: Past Life/This Life Regression

Robust Business Marketing Training - 42 Modules

Overview of Online Live

6 Weeks Training Curriculum

The next 6-week training is scheduled on Saturdays at

10 am - 12 pm Pacific Time from July 16th - August 27th, 2022*

You will do a bunch of practice sessions with your fellow students during this six week's training experience. 

The Super Fun Side Of Hypnosis - Anchorning Happiness

Suggestibility Tests, Hypnosis Examples, and Break Out Sessions

Coaching Strategies using Eriksonian Metaphors and Hypnosis Practice

Storytelling to Create Immediate Mindset Change In Your Client

Conversational and Covert Hypnosis

Coaching Strategies Using NLP to Release Fears, Phobias & Addiction

Inner Child Work and Timeline Therapy

6 Step Reframe

Breakout Sessions and Debrief

Setting up Long Term Clients for Success

Breakout Sessions and Creating Client Programs

Getting Clients and Making the Sale

Breakout Sessions to Practice Sales Strategies

Ethics in Hypnotherapy and Persuasion

And So Much More!

*There will be no class on August 13th

Male Therapist
Psychology Appointment

Continued Education

Once you have completed your training we want to continue to support your education. 

If you want to come to our stand-alone classes for advancing your education we offer 20% off to all previous students. We will send you the code you can use for those classes once you have completed your training. 

Advanced Continued Education Classes:

Past Life Regression Level 2

Advanced Eriksonian Language and Metaphor

Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Fears, Phobias & Anxiety

Reparenting the Inner Child

And More...

Get the Schaefer Hypnotherapy Print & Digital Library with Registration


500 Scripts

SIH Student Scripts


Clinical Hypnotherapist's Companion Diary


Selling Emotional Transformative Services


Hypnosis Language Log Book


Launch Your Business to 6 Figures Strategy


All-Inclusive Certification with Text Books:

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification (CHT)

12 Packed Self Paced Modules with videos, pdfs and more

6 Week Virtual Live Training

Text Books with Scripts and Strategies

Become a Published Author

Gain Access to Our Facebook Community

Limited-Time Special Bonus: Launch Your Business to 6 Figures

Tuition Including Textbooks: $2,997

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