What You Can Do With Your Certification

We want you to be successful. Your certification opens numerous doors for you. Let me show you how.

What You Can Do With Your Certification

Corporate stress reduction classes

Corporate classes on guided meditation

Classes for self-hypnosis 

Classes for anxiety reduction

Classes for mindset for weight reduction at gyms

Classes for mindfulness training

Classes for positive affirmations

Create informative videos on anxiety and phobia cures

Create informative videos on weight loss

Create informative videos on personal health

Create informative videos on mindfulness

Create informative videos on guided meditation

Create informative videos on high-achieving success practices

Create informative videos on self-hypnosis

Create informative video on smoking cessation strategies

Training, Classes, Sessions money mindset

Training, Classes, Sessions abundance/prosperity

Training, Classes, Sessions Chronic health conditions

Work with children around self-confidence

Work with children around bullying

Work with children around anxiety

Work with children around test-taking and school work

Help with Veterans with PTSD

Ericksonian Language Pattern Coaching

Life Coaching

Past-life regressions

Group hypnosis for common disorders

Treat depression

See more clients and legitimize your practice

Deep in meditation

Learn to channel

Life between lives

Use covert hypnosis to bargain

Know when you're being taken advantage of

Never be manipulated again

Advance your current career

Charge more for your service

Be more respected as a practitioner

Be taken seriously by clients

Work with couples

Relationship group counseling

Quick lasting change in clients

Advance communication skills

Gain instant trust and Authority

Teach in life skills in local schools

Create children's programs for stress reduction

Teach at local colleges

Test-taking strategies and hypnotic learning skills

Non-manipulative persuasion

Learn how the mind really works

Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy Coaching


What Will I Learn in Training

What’s hypnosis
Imagination & hypnosis
The hidden traits of the mind
Sub-conscious activities
The truth vs. myths about hypnosis
Why memories are not absolute
Why hypnosis is not admissible in court
History of hypnosis
The purpose of suggestibility
Analytical vs. non-analytical clients
Various suggestibility tests
Classification of clients
Charting the suggestibility of clients
Building a hypnosis session
Organizing the session
What are inductions
Non-analytical inductions and techniques
Analytical inductions and techniques
What are deepeners
How do analytical vehicles work

Past Life Regression live session and reactions
Instant and rapid introductions
Stress reduction 101
Opening the immune system at will
Healing with hypnosis
The subconscious mind pertaining to healing
Negative statements and their effect
Positive replacements
Effects of Sarcasm on the inner mind
Pain management
Healing techniques
The Bridge technique
Dealing with phobias
Stimuli replacement program
Regression calendar technique
Other regression techniques
Thought stopping
Color imagery
True vs. pseudo regression
Regression detective techniques

Sample analytical vehicles
Hypnosis prescriptions
How to write your own scripts
The hypnogogic state
Getting stuck in hypnosis
Depth levels
The 5 Part Hypnosis Process
The BBSS Scale
Instant pain release methods
Waking hypnosis
Brainwave frequencies
Attaining hypnotic depths levels
Building a complete session
Pediatric Hypnosis
Why Hypnosis ALWAYS works
The meet and greet process
Intake worksheet
Group hypnosis presentation & format
Marketing and advertising hypnosis

Wording in regression
Automatic writing
Additional creative hypnosis methods
All hypnosis is self-hypnosis
Creating your own recorded sessions
Six-step self-hypnosis process
Ericksonian hypnosis
Confusion techniques
Bypassing critical mass
Online and Phone Hypnosis
Panic Attacks
Emergency Hypnosis
Placebos and nocebos’
Reading is hypnotic
Writing is magical
Programming your child’s mind
Daydreaming – Alpha/Theta Bridge
Subliminal Programming
Sleep hypnosis for children
Covert hypnosis

Common hypnotic misconceptions
Post session report form
Collecting fees and re-scheduling
Session proficiency exercises
Dangers of hypnosis
Office environment
Online business practices
Webpage success techniques
Elevator speech
Be in the 10% of practitioners
E-mail-auto responders
Online payment portals
Online helpmates
Social media success
Free online advertising
Making YouTube work for you    
How much should I charge?
Case Studies
Forensics Hypnosis

Pacing and leading
Meditation and hypnosis
Smoking and vaping cessation
Helpful hints
Online marketing success
Getting more clients
Online individual sessions
Online group session
Creating an online store
Creating passive income online
Free placement on top search engines
Dropped calls & service interruptions
Safety issues online
Online hypnosis equipment